When Will Japan Stop Whaling?

The Japanese are knocking heads again with the Sea Sheperds near Antarctica.  I don’t understand the fixation the Japanese have with whale meat. These are magnificent creatures with no economic value that cannot be replaced by something else. We almost hunted them to extinction but have now seen the folly of our ways…except in Japan. I’m not usually prone to such sentimentality but this is completely unnecessary. Here’s my idea to save the whales…stop buying Toyotas and Playstations. I bet that would change their diet in a hurry.

They Japanese flaunt and besmirch
The rest of the world as they lurch,
Out with their fleet
To harvest whale meat.
It’s a sham in the name of research.

In Japan they have skillfully beat
The whaling ban so that their fleet
Can kill legally,
But all will agree
They’re ‘researching’ the taste of the meat.

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