Jenny Sanford vs. Elin Woods

Its hard to tell who got the worst of it between Jenny Sanford, who just filed for divorce, and Elin Woods who’s still mapping out strategy with her legal team. Elin had to suffer from multiple affairs but Jenny had to be associated with a guy who thought he could leave the country unnoticed while he was the Governor…in other words, a complete idiot. I’d say Jenny took the bigger hit only because she won’t come out of this with tens of millions of dollars. However, this gives me a chance to share a limerick I wrote before about Governor Sanford but never got to publish (one of my favorites). It’s two-fer-Tuesday!

Jenny Sanford should meet Elin Woods
And compare how they’ll each get the goods
From philandering mates
Whose ‘late model’ dates
Had rev’ed them up under their ‘hoods’.

Some think that there is nothing finah’
Than a sweet Argentina vagina.
If you take me to task
I’ll just have you ask
The Governor of South Carolina.

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