Playboy at Tails End

Playboy Enterprises is looking for a buyer. Another icon felled by the Internet although it started to decline with the onset of AIDS. Before that, any STD was usually taken care of with a shot of penicillin. Now it’s sex or death thanks to some monkey in Africa.  I’d like to find him and spank that monkey!

The bunny is about to be sold.
Her costume was iconic and bold.
With that little bow tie
And tail held high,
She provided for pleasures untold.

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2 Responses to Playboy at Tails End

  1. Sorcere says:

    wow! pretty clean and neat blog.
    loved it 🙂
    I heard about playboy being sold. Pics get scanned and they get over the internet.
    and your writeup is lol

    I didnt find the “follow” button so..I am bookmarking it.
    will come back again!

  2. says:

    Thanks. All kind words appreciated. It’s kind of sad seeing Playboy go but then watching Hef (who looks like he’s 110) in his pj’s hanging with the young hotties is somewhat disturbing and a little creepy.

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