Sarah Palin and My Goldfish

For the life of me I cannot understand peoples’ attraction to Sarah Palin. She’s not that bright, she has nothing to say other than standard rhetoric and well….she’s just not that bright. But then again, neither was George Bush and he was elected twice! As long as you’re anti-abortion and anti-gay, you’re a viable Republican candidate. With that in mind I’d like to nominate Goldie my goldfish. She’s anti-abortion because she lays eggs and anti-gay because she can only remember the last 10 seconds (not enough time to figure out what gay is and why it’s bad). I also think she would handle the media crush better than Sarah. After all, she’s lived in a ‘fish bowl’ her whole life.

Sarah Palin is back in the news
But her book is more of a ruse.
With her brains still lacking
The only ones backing
Her cause are conservative rubes.

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