Lost in the Land of DMOZ

There’s a directory on the Internet called DMOZ. It’s used by Google and others to index various websites. Getting into this directory is a great way to get new traffic and more exposure for a new website. Problem is, these folks are dysfunctional. Once you submit your site for inclusion, it could take “two days or two years” to get it reviewed! I understand they’re staffed by volunteers but that’s ridiculous. So this site is hanging in limbo and that kind of nonsense deserves a limerick…in this case two…which I sent them in good humor.

“In fourteen hundred and ninety two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue”,
The same year, to wit,
I did submit,
My site to DMOZ for review.

In the year of our Lord 402,
I submitted my site to you.
At the time it was sent,
I had used parchment.
Should I resend my request anew?

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