ACLU to the Rescue

This is why I’m not a fan of Facebook although it’s not their fault. Some teenage girls had a slumber party and were fooling around taking suggestive pictures. No nudity but enough to get the ‘self-righteous moralists’ attention (which is very easy to do). Somehow these pics made it off their Facebook site and into the hands of the Principal who…you guessed it…is one of the above. After he humiliated the girls, they called in the ACLU who filed suit. Yeah….I love those guys. There is nothing a self-righteous moralist hates more than free speech. These girls should take away three lessons from this fiasco:

1 – self-righteous moralists are everywhere and like to hide behind badges of authority.
2 – never post pics on the Internet unless you’re comfortable showing them to the whole world.
3 – sh*t happens.

The slumber party turned more complex
When officials decided to flex
Their morality muscle,
Now there’s a tussle.
The ACLU will teach ’em respect.

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