Dildos Ban Dildos

Strange but true. The Supreme Court of Alabama (soon to be an oxymoron) has upheld a ban on the sale of “any device designed… primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs”. They’re going after the vibrators and dildos! The justification was to help enforce the “public morality”. Is Alabama still in the United States? Nothing brings out the whack jobs (no pun intended) like sex.

Click on the link to read the article and you’ll also learn of a fellow named Sylvester Graham who, in the 1850’s, invented Graham Crackers to help cure sexual urges. He was ridiculed in Boston for his zealotry. He should have moved to Alabama.

Alabama’s women, it seems,
Are left without any means
To procure the big ‘O’.
So where do they go?
All they have left is ‘wet dreams’.

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