A Letter for Letterman

David Letterman has admitted to some sexual liaisons in response to a bungled extortion attempt. I’m no expert, but isn’t the first rule of blackmail that you remain anonymous and use the infamous ‘drop’ to collect the cash? Or is that kidnapping only?  Seems to me you take a big risk that your target will do anything to prevent disclosure.  Otherwise, they call the police and it’s a quick game over.

Then we have the moralists who insist on passing judgment when it’s none of their business. Last time I checked, it’s perfectly legal for two consenting adults to have sex. The real issue is with Dave and his wife and then, it only becomes illegal if she poisons his coffee. This is why I write limericks about real life…you can’t make this stuff up!

A letter for Letterman arrives,
With an extortion request inside.
Threatening to make news
By pandering to prudes,
Stupidity and morals collide.

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